Facebook Fear?!?…(for Facebook newbies)


Are you constantly getting email invitations from friends to join Facebook?  Are you missing events or invitations because everyone uses Facebook and you don’t?

There is no reason to fear, as long as you are smart about it, and your security settings are done right.  It is true that Facebook seems to spring changes on you, then you have to go and change settings, but usually the word gets out and there is plenty of help telling you how to do it.

One of the things I hear most “I don’t want to be friends with people I barely knew in high school!” or “All these random people now want to be my friend!”.  You don’t HAVE to accept everyone that asks you as your friend.  Depends on what your purpose is to use Facebook, you can pick and choose.  Yes, some people’s feelings may get hurt, but you should not feel obligated to be friends.  I feel that if you are uncomfortable with what you will post (because of who your friends are) it will not be enjoyable for you to participate and share.  If you feel that you “should” be friends with some people, there are ways to customize your settings so that your posts, check-ins or photos will not be seen by certain people. (Below are a couple of screen shots of the privacy settings page)

Privacy settings screen
Privacy settings screen
Choose who you want to share info with
Choose who you want to share info with

If you have heard that some people have gotten viruses on their computer because of Facebook it could be certain “apps” that have been going around.  The big one going around a while back was something like “Do you know who has been searching for you?”.  The best thing to do is not to click on any of those type of apps, games, etc.  If in doubt, do not click on it!

Spend some time looking at the account settings and see what’s there.  If you spend a little time getting familiar with it, it will not seem so overwhelming.

Pass this on to your friends that are not on Facebook yet, and keep watching for more beginner tips in social media!


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