I have thought about doing this for quite sometime.  This first post is a brief introduction to my experience with Social Media.  I first started playing around with Social Media on Twitter, just to see what it was all about.  Before I knew it I had a Facebook page and a daily photo blog!  I read almost everything I can get my hands on and have used Social Media to promote my Art and Photography, as well as promote the art group I belong to.  I would like to thank my friends that encouraged me to do this.  I had numerous people ask me to help them set up their Twitter, Facebook and Blogs, and told me I should do this.

One thing I have really learned, or gotten from Twitter, is “community”.  Yes, it may sound silly, but you follow people with common interests, you learn from each other, encourage each other, and before you know it feels like you do know them.  My philosophy on “following”, is not to follow everyone.  I feel the best way to do it, is find people with like interests, hobbies, businesses.  Also add to the mix friends and family, and just fun people that you would not mind seeing their posts.  There are lots of inspirational people out there, it’s kind of nice to get that great quote when you really need it! Also Twitter is a great place to get breaking news, so a few of those are good to follow.

This blog, along with my Facebook page will be evolving in the next few weeks, so please excuse the “construction”! :)

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