Setting up a Facebook “Page” (Newbies Post)

I have a lot of friends that are artists, or have their own business that they would like to promote.  Setting up a Facebook “Page” is an easy way to get the word out (and it’s free!).  It’s also a great way to share your business info, and gain followers that can turn into customers or colleagues!

This is a beginner’s step-by-step instruction on setting up a Facebook Page.

You can also find a box in the upper right hand corner of someone else’s Page that says “Create a Page”.




Some categories have different options you can enter, so if your business can fall under different categories, check each one of them out to see what information you can enter.  You can also change the category later if you need to under Edit Profile- Basic Information.


Enter your business information, agree to the terms, and Get Started!


You will then go through these 3 boxes above.  If you have a logo for your business this is where you want to put it!


When done, make sure you invite friends! Tell them to suggest your page to their friends, and be sure to share some of your work, tips, business info, specials or anything else your customers would like to hear from you!

Once you get 25 “likes”, you can choose a username for your page (you can find this under Edit Page, Basic Information) and direct people to your Facebook Page using that url- like

Also, be sure you read the terms on Facebook.  You can make a decision on how much and what to share.

If you have a website, be sure to send your viewers to your Facebook Page also!




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    great basic info, could’ve used this a few months ago 😉 glad it’s here now

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